Cawthorne's Endowed Primary School Testimonials - 'I Still Remember'.


'I still remember Cawthorne's Endowed School when my 4 children were there.

There was no school uniform, the Juniors were in the upstairs classroom and the Infants in the main room - which had a sliding divider to split the room into two separate areas. The Infants' years weren't called Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as as they are now but Tiddleypops, Snip Snaps and Wig Wams.

At playtimes the children could play on the `Big Hill'  next to the school, if the weather was nice, and many dens were made in the bushes there. The final year children had the best dens and when they left in the Summer the next year down took them over. This hierarchy was a well established tradition.  All the children knew who's den belonged to which child/children.

There was a school kitchen on site and the school office is where the photocopying room is now.

Skittleball was really popular and the girls' team had a great reputation for winning all their matches against competing schools. 

I can still remember the excitement of the 1st laptops and smartboard arriving in school.

As today, there was always the feeling of the whole school family which continues today.

Friendships were made for life which makes Cawthorne's Endowed a very special school'. EW.


'I have fond memories of my primary school years at Cawthorne Endowed School.

The small classes made lessons very personal and the teachers were able to tailor learning based on each individual child’s needs.
The school is very much in the heart of Abbeystead village and at the centre of rural community life;

with plenty of wider activities and events to engage with.
Any child who has the opportunity to learn in the wonderful environment at this special school, will undoubtedly flourish and thrive'

Hazel Wilson.


'The School Play 'A Christmas Truce', in a village barn, when the children found their voices'. RC